Harshadewa Ariyasinghe

Harshadewa Ariyasinghe works as Consultant, Product and Tech, at Yonder Music Inc.

He leads the product integration work with the telco counterparts in Sri Lanka & Maldives. Additionally, he leads technical and project management representatives, maintains relations with technical and product teams from product launch through operationalization, and develops detailed plans for deliverables.

Harshadewa will be speaking on the subject “How Design Thinking can Change everything”.

Design Thinking, will be the most important practice and the most crucial skill that everyone will require in next few years. The methods that we use currently are largely based on analysis and problem decomposition where as Design Thinking contrasts itself by using synthesis and empathy. Design Thinking reprograms the whole spectrum of how people looked at problem solving and solutions design. The topic will cover from basics of design thinking to practical examples where the audience will take home knowledge and curiosity to become design thinkers.

The target audience for this talk is software professionals, students, business analysts, product managers, product designers and CxOs.

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