M Asif Rahman

M Asif Rahman is a long time WordPress Enthusiast, Serial Entrepreneur and Tech Evangelist. The subject of his talk is: “Making Millions in WordPress Plugin Business But Not Being Evil”.

Asif is the CEO of a large WordPress product company called weDevs. He is also the founder of A. R. Communications, Alo Ventures and WPDeveloper.net. He reads a lot and writes too.


Chathu Vishwajith

Chathu Vishwajith is the Co-Founder of a Startup where one of its services are creating websites for clients with WordPress. The subject of his talk is “Hardening WordPress is an art”.

Chathu an Auth0 Ambassador, Co-Organizer of Colombo JS Meetup and Organizer of Sri Lanka Unity Developers User Group. He has started working with WordPress in 2010 and has built around 20 sites with it.


Samantha Pathirathna

Samantha Pathirathna is nationally and internationally award winning entrepreneur, business professional, academician as well as Researcher, Consultant & Trainer. Samantha will be speaking on “WordPress for Sustainable Development”.

Samantha is the Founder Chairman, Managing Director and the Chief Consultant of PASSAsia with HR Asia, SME Asia and Cloud Accounting Asia solutions. He is the Managing Director of Art Sense Advertising (Pvt) Ltd and Academy of Visual Arts too.


Dwain Maralack

Dwain Maralack is a developer at Auttomatic.

He started using and coding with WordPress seven years ago, and he believes it has changed his life.

Dwain is going to talk about his journey from a WordPress beginner to where he stands now. The title is: “How WordPress taught me to be an Engineer”.

He will talk about how working in WordPress helped him to grow as a developer.


Harshadewa Ariyasinghe

Harshadewa Ariyasinghe works as Consultant, Product and Tech, at Yonder Music Inc.

He leads the product integration work with the telco counterparts in Sri Lanka & Maldives. Additionally, he leads technical and project management representatives, maintains relations with technical and product teams from product launch through operationalization, and develops detailed plans for deliverables.


Himash Tehan

Himash Tehan is a mobile application developer from Colombo. He comes with over three years of experience in mobile application development and design.

Himash has developed mobile apps using both native and hybrid mobile technologies for various domains i.e. airlines, sales and hospitality.


Karen Arnold

Karen Arnold leads the Happiness Engineer Hiring team at Automattic, the team responsible for hiring support staff for Automattic’s products.

She has worked remotely for Automattic since 2012. Karen has spoken many events including SupConfNY 2016, WordCamps in the US, Nicaragua, Argentina, Colombia, and Peru, and various WordPress meetups.


Takayuki Miyoshi

Takayuki Miyoshi is a prolific WordPress plugin developer and the creator of Contact Form 7. He is based in Fukuoka, Japan, which is known as the birth place of Wapuu.

He has suggested calling Fukuoka “Wapuutopia”, but few people have shown interest in this idea.


Rahul Bansal

Rahul is the founder and CEO of rtCamp — the only WordPress.com VIP Partner from Asia.

His WordPress journey began in 2007 when he was looking for ways to customize his blog. Later on, he moved from professional blogging to freelancing, and from freelancing to starting rtCamp in 2009.